Feyi Fawehinmi: Afonja and the weakness of memory

Originally published by The Guardian on the 9th of October 2018 In the second verse of the second chapter of...

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Tomorrow, #DRIF21 focuses on South Sudan. @Konetahub will be hosting an in-person session to discuss "How Can We Improve Technology Education for Women in South Sudan?" from 7am GMT. More details, watch live: https://drif.paradigmhq.org/stec_event/koneta-initiative/ https://twitter.com/ParadigmHQ/status/1382365986377109507

Paradigm Initiative (PIN)@ParadigmHQ

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Join @Konetahub's In-person session tomorrow, Thursday, 15th April from 07:00-12:00 GMT as they discuss 'how tech education can be improved for women in South Sudan.'
Visit http://drif.paradigmhq.org 3

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