Counting the Victims of Gender Based Violence

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I am inviting you to help identify and count the victims of gender based violence in Nigeria and South Africa, by completing this form:

Aim is to raise attention around the scourge and ensure victims don’t become mere statistics. A dashboard like this will be created and maintained over the next few years:

The first phase of this initiative will count and list 50 victims each per country or count all victims since the beginning of the year per country.

The data collection phase will last until the 30th of June. And the build phase – designing and building the presentation interface will start soon after and end just before the 15th of July.

Please share this link with people you think may be able to contribute – however, given the sensitive nature of the data being collected, everyone you share the link with will not be able to edit (add new rows of data to the spreadsheet) until I grant them permission. So the first time they get to the spreadsheet, they need to request permission by clicking on the request permission button and I will grant them access soon after.

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PS: You can action this call by completing this form: