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I did a head-to-head comparison of solar and diesel as energy sources for Nigerians. This, as most Nigerians produce a large chunk of their personal electric power needs, as the public power utility has been in comatose for the most part of the last three decades, serving as best as secondary and tertiary yet unreliable power source.

Following are some of my conclusions:

  1. Solar power is All CAPEX, no OPEX
  2. Solar power is six time more expensive to setup in terms of CAPEX
  3. For less than 10KVA, Total Cost of Ownership is the same at the end of the year
  4. Diesel generators will save 44% on the proposed DISCO pricing, but Solar power will save a better 52%
  5. Going green is advantageous in terms of eventual cost and the environment, but expensive to acquire
  6. Without a good government policy and definite Financial Institution support, going green is a mirage
  7. Without going green, or cooperatively running generators, DISCOs (electricity distribution companies) will continue to fleece all Nigerians.

Side_by_side_Comparison_Diesel and Solar in Nigeria