We are experimenting with a lot of things including the creation of an exclusive member’s only suite of initiatives, including but not limited to:

  1. A discussion platform where a curated list of issues will be tabled for discussions, in a moderated environment;
  2. Invitation to members only event – online and offline (read more about the Citizens Connect Conference – CCC);
  3. Contributions to shape our civic interventions – dotCIVICS will prototype and launch some interventions in the civic space regularly. Members will be the first to know and will be given the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape the work we eventually get done;
  4. We may ask you for support. We do not know for sure how to fund our work and may ask members for guidance and some times we may ask for money in the form of donations or fixed member fees or ask for in kind donations like but not limited to assistance with helping broadcast messages, helping to edit a report, write an article or two etc.

If you are keen to join us in this experiment or have ideas you will like us to consider, please reach out to us: Link to form