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The video below came up on my YouTube lazy watchlist and I realised it has been seen two million times in the 1.5years since it was first published.

In a normal world, the video would have been unremarkable as the police office captured in the video and his activities would have been normal: playing with children in front of their homes.

Oh yes, a white police officer playing with black kids in front of their home, is remarkable – even as a PR stunt (which I doubt this is).

In a world where we have had:

Breonna Taylor– a 26 year old professional, shot and killed by police officers in her own home – where the police officers had surprised herself and her partner in an execution of a no knock search warrant.

George Floyd strangled to death by officers of the law, in full view of the public and in deference to the cries and plea of George, as life slowly ebbed out of his body.

Amadou Diallo – who in 1999 was shot by 5 cops 41 times. Their excuse was that: they suspected was an attempt by the Guinean immigrant was pulling weapon on them. After the cold blood murder, the police officers did not find a firearm on the Diallo.

What is the common denominator in the list above?
All black people. All victims of systematised racism.

It is in such a world, that a police officer getting to know the people he is hired to protect and serve and rolling on the grounds with them playfully is remarkable and heart warming.

However this video was arrived at – I want to believe it is true and and organic, but even if engineered as a PR stunt for the police – I hope it becomes a fertile germ that infects all of America’s policemen and women.